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How Long Is This Going To Take? - King Julien


Carrying the studious Lo-fi girl and adventurous Synthwave boy wherever I go!

I put both stickers on my ipad and when I realized it matched my case i couldn't be more excited! I felt so studious every time i used it. I'm more of a notes on paper girl but I adapted to using digital notes now, as a nice change. These stickers are a nice reminder for me that I'm doing a good job studying lol. I really like it. <3 (I'm studying at 6:48 a.m. here lol)

great sticker

a girl started a conversation w me by saying "you look exactly like the sticker on your laptop"

Very cute!

super soft and adorable

Very happy with the pins

Very happy with the 3 pack blindbox of pins - they're very well made!

If only I didn't receive 3 of the exact same pin!

Best Consistent Lofi

Thank you so much for all the study sessions and more. You have really helped me through my exhausting homework and helped me chill and relax after a long day. I appreciate your dedication and hard work to the Lofi Girl community and everyone else. Thanks and keep up the great work!

She loved it

Fantastic. My daughter absolutely loved it.

Lofi Girl's Plaid

Bullet Journal


The product arrived as advertised, is good quality, and was definitely worth the purchase

High Quality product

The quality of this is ridiculous. It survived the regular cycle on my washing machine, which has very aggressive agitation. That speaks quality. The embroidery is also very high detail and matches the youtube channel’s profile picture perfectly.

Great quality but...

Order was shipped from the USA, I would have thought it was from Europe. And I had to pay extra customs fee.

To do List

realy good

a nice sticker for a nice computer




Great and way better than expected.

Pencil Case
Good Quality

The delivery took a while but I also live in Germany so all good. I was very satisfied with the Pencil case itself, I now use it every day and can only recommend it to every Lofi fan.

Complete Planner Bundle

To do List
Great and Cute To Do List 😻

The To Do List has the perfect aesthetics and various sizes with colors for you to try.

Cute bag

Good quality, a little small, but I like it!

Lofi Girl Plush

Love it

Really great i feel good with it

Great Simplistic UI


To do List

To do List